Friday, 22 April 2011

Zombie Undead: Don't eat while watching it!

A good one for the horror film fans, you won't be disappointed with Zombie Undead. Plenty of gore, an excellent sound track (original music by David Fellows and Kris Tearse, who also plays Jay), every scene ending in a cliff hanger, almost, even the rather nihilist inconclusive last one. The beginning of a British franchise? I hope not, it would eat into that soul wrenching open end...

A Caucasian looking man with a rucksack walks through a crowded street, it is mid morning. He nervously looks at a tower clock, leaves the rucksack on a commercial alley, then walks away. Seconds later, he detonates a bomb with his mobile phone. Later, a car rushes through deserted country lanes to a medical evacuation centre, on the back, Sarah (Ruth King) nurses his badly injured father, both just back from a holiday. Chaos reigns in the medical facility, injured people everywhere, overstretched medical staff, no beds available.

Sarah faints, to wake in a deserted building, soon to find out that all those injured people, now the undead dead, have become “things” with a penchant for human flesh and a funny way of walking. Was the terrorist bomb a biological weapon? She, and a few surviving humans, including the head doctor, try to escape the hermetically sealed building, as the medical centre has been quarantined, to see them, one by one, falling to the zombies (I wonder, if one becomes a zombie, why one's brain becomes so useless?).

Whilst one may wonder about this obsession with zombies (there have been a few recent releases of similarly themed movies, including a Japanese one sporting the undead, but with big tits!), just sit, relax (not too much), put your brain out of disbelieving gear, and have fun, as director Rhys Davies did by making it. The extras playing the zombies must have had a field day, almost suppressing their giggles, like the young woman laying in a corridor, supposedly dead, eyes open, while a zombie feasts in her entrails (if you observe this scene carefully, her eyelids can be seen fluttering).

Zombie Undead should have a health warning notice:

Do not watch this movie while eating. It may damage your health.

Director: Rhys Davies
Cast: Ruth King, Kris Tearse, Barry Thomas
Running time: 86 minutes
Cert: 15

Zombie Undead is out on selected cinemas in Britain today.

The DVD will be released on May 30th, 2011. There's no extra features in the DVD.

Distributed by Metrodome Distribution.

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