Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Revisiting David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS

One of the rewards of a spring clean up is re-finding old pearls, such as David Lynch's Twin Peaks, a VHS video tape that seems to be a condensed version of Fire Walk With me:

I just love the creamy soft, painting like, nature of not only Lynch film, but also of the medium, such a rest in this age of 4K video. Still very impressed with the dark unsaturated browns of the colour palette, depicting so well the dreams and nightmares underlying those white fences and well equipped kitchens of American suburbia, the exclamations of fascination by urbanite FBI Special Agent Cooper with those forests, with those majestic Douglas fir trees, adding to a feel of a disjointed place. An exploration of so much of Lynch work, with Fellini likes undertones, such as the dwarf dance.

Laura Palmer, a 17 year old Twin Peaks belle, is found murdered, naked, wrapped in a sheet of plastic. 

Laura Palmer, straights As in every subject, top of her class, the face of the year, the Homecoming Queen, her father being a trusted lieutenant of the local big wig, hints of a feudal like social structure in here, too. of A picture of achievement in every way.

Laura Palmer. Twelve year old girl writing in her brand new diary the dark feelings populating her subconscious, eventually taking hold of her life.

Laura Palmer. 13 year old cocaine addict, who fucks everybody to pay for her habit, including her father's employer.

Laura Palmer. 13 year old star of orgies held in the midst of those forests that fascinated agent Cooper so much.

Laura and Bobbie. Voted as Best Couple by their High School.

Laura Palmer. HHomecoming Queen.

Laura Palmer. 15 year old prostitute.

Laura Palmer. 16 year old beautiful daughter, pride of her parents.

Laura Palmer. 17 year old corpse.

The film hints at the darkness of her story, at the darkness of this small town near the border with Canada. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, As seen by Jennifer Lynch, is much more explicit of her story. 

David Lynch, a worth exponent of American Gothic in cinema.

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