Tuesday, 19 July 2011

INTERN – “Kiss my ass!”

“Give me coffee, kiss my ass!”

In this 2000 comedy, Jocelyn Bennet (Dominique Swain) is the new intern of a high fashion New York based magazine, in direct competition with Vogue. This is an important observation to make, as the plot also evolves around that competition, apart from the inevitable love triangle between Jocelyn, an English down to earth aristocrat, and a supermodel... So far, so yawn yawn.

Whilst I accept that my knowledge of the world of high fashion publishing is not very high, I have the clear impression that Intern is full of clichés regarding it – the bitching, the claws out to get at the top, etc. Obviously, Jocelyn finally manages to get herself into the staff from her position of overworked not-paid-at-all rug for the magazine bitches to clean their shoes, after having learn to find her way through the snobbery and back stabbing (another cliché?).

However, buried in the film there is an spirited defence of the role and value of fashion magazines for teenage girls living in the middle of nowhere, imparting their lives with a bit of glamour missing elsewhere.

While I was not that impressed by the acting, specially that of Dominique Swain playing the ingénue, a chrysalis metamorphosing into a poisonous bee when poked, dreaming of the catwalk, I was fascinated by the cameo appearances of Diane Von Fürstenberg, André Leon Talley and Gwynet Paltrow.

Entertaining for a while, forgettable.

INTERN (Cert. TBC) will be available to buy on DVD in the UK on 25th July 2011, RRP £12.99.
Distributed in the UK by Network Releasing

“Between hilarious stories of icons and egos, a love triangle blossoms between the witty, well-read Jocelyn, art director Paul, and his babe – the Supermodel of the moment, Resin. In a world where endless legs are currency and stylists weep at runway shows, can a smart, pretty girl get the guy over the swimsuit goddess?”

Director: Michael Lange
Writers: Caroline Doyle, Jill Kopelman
Cast: Dominique Swain, Ben Pullen, Peggy Lipton, David Deblinger, Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin, Billy Porter, Anna Levine, Paulina Porizkova

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