Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kimberly: girl meets... err...4 boys

Kimberly is not a masterpiece, but not every film should be one. There is space for those movies which fill a space in our lives and in our emotions for a while. Kimberly, a well crafted story about a woman, an unexpected baby, and four would be fathers, handsomely fills it.

A romantic comedy on the usual line of girl meets boy and... something is wrong here. This paragraph should say: girl meets... four boys, and she doesn't know who is the father of the baby. “So, what's to do?” is the conundrum the quintet is embroiled. The solution? The baby ends up with four dads, after a few ups and downs, as usual in this genre. However, smiles and laughs continuously crossed my face, and a few tears too.

Four young men row on the River Delaware. However, their enthusiasm is not reflected in their skills, their constant defeats in sporting events and unwise bets ends up with embarrassing situations, until, one day, they meet Kimberly (Gabrielle Anwar), the daughter of an English champion rower. She coaches them, resulting in the team winning a race; and they coach her, resulting in a baby. Their own lives gets also sorted out. A tale of relationships that are becoming less and less unusual these days. Old Philadelphia and the river comes out particularly well, the boat race scene being particularly of their place.

It is good to see Gabrielle Anwar having made a career, whom I first saw as a teenage actress in Summer's Lease and Press gang.

A thoroughly enjoyable film.

The DVD (also containing the trailer and the usual set up options) is out for sale in Great Britain now.

Director: Frederic Golchan
Writers: Frederic Golchan (screenplay), Guy de Maupassant (short story "Mouche")
Cast: Veronica Alicino, Gabrielle Anwar, Willow Anwar, Patty Duke, Molly Ringwald
USA 1999

Kimberly (Cert Tbc) is a Network Releasing title
Running Time: 102 minutes
No.of Discs: 1
RRP: £12.99
Screen Ratio: 1.78:1
Cat No: 7953484

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